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he company history goes back to the second half of the nineteenth century when Andrzej Stepkowski's plant, manufacturing platter products, was established. After the war, however, due to post-war distraction, its activity was dropped.

few years later, Andrzej Stepkowski, having same initials as the plant founder, inspired by his family history and being aware of the possession of original samples and models, in 1967 reopened the company as ARTISTIC PRODUCTS A. ST PKOWSKI. Quite soon, in 1974 Central Association of Crafts spotted the company's products at the Polish Exhibition of Arts and Crafts and awarded the company with a silver medal.

. Stepkowski's products are handmade, based on the original designs while their range has been expanded over the years in respond to customer's tastes and requirements. Our wide range of articles covers silver and brass coated trays, epergnes, boxes, sugar bowls made of metal and ferruled, decanters ferruled with silver elements, mirrors, candlesticks, fruit knives, icons etc. - total over 250 models and designs.
We also have great experience in renovating old items of historic value. It means silver coating, adding missing parts (e.g. legs, handles, covers) etc.

ur products have been appreciated by our customers who look for original and valuable presents on special occasions like: weddings, birthdays, anniversaries etc. They are excellent interior supplement of an elegant house, a mansion, a restaurant or a hotel. The A. Stepkowki Company sells its products at the Polish market as well as foreign ones; we have exported them to Sweden, Germany, USA, Spain, Italy and Austria.

e welcome and invite lovers of beautiful, stylish products and professionals involved in interior designing, owners of restaurants, shops and companies, wholesale stores both Polish and foreign ALL OF YOU WHO ARE INTERESTED IN "BEAUTY WITH A SOUL".

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